WooCommerce is a well-known online store platform for WordPress that makes the task of setting up and managing an e-commerce presence simple. And simple is a word I really, really like. Because running a business is hard and anything that can make getting set up and going easier is worth pursuing in my book.

1. eStore

The eStore theme will take your online brand from a lingering thought to a stunning reality. Captivate your visitors with a visually appealing layout and striking features to make your eStore into THE eStore. This is one of the best free WooCommerce themes on the market, simply because it has everything you could ever think of that you’d need for you online store – and then some.

Easy access to contact details, space for ads and multiple slots to promote different sales and hot deals on your items make this theme ideal for anyone looking to maximize their online earning potential through their website. You can even personalize the shopping experience for your customers in different countries – the eStore theme also gives you the choice of switching between languages and currency conversions.

A high-functioning search feature, the ability for customers to review purchased products, easy to read category and product pages, as well as a membership option for loyal customers gives this theme the details you need to create an online brand complete with a throng of invested followers and supporters.

eStore is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a complete package – and it’s free!