The free Job Board WordPress themes for job sites are a great way to attract applicants. It is an effective marketing tool because it creates a professional image that visitors to your site will be able to associate with you and your business. Aesthetics play an important role in creating a good first impression so make sure you choose your Job Board WordPress Theme carefully. Here are the top 7 best Job Board Themes for job sites.

1. JobScout

JobScout is a high quality yet free, premium quality WordPress theme specifically designed for creating professional looking Job Boards. It is the number one choice among webmasters and bloggers alike for creating customized, professional looking Job Boards. One of the main advantages of using JobScout is its user-friendly features which enable you to create a beautiful and efficient Job Board in just a few minutes time. Job Scoundard also has several advanced features that make it ideal for any type of business – big or small.

JobScout includes several pre-made responsive themes, as well as themes that are fully customized according to user’s needs. The advanced Custom Post feature allows you to design an attractive and customized Job Board which will be featured prominently on all your blogs. JobScout also comes with a free, responsive theme demo, a responsive website template, premium WordPress theme details demo, and several other handy features. With the help of this amazing theme you can build an attractive, user-friendly, and customised Job Board in just minutes. JobScout also includes numerous helpful tips and tutorial videos that guide you through the entire process of creating a beautiful, fully responsive Job Board in just a few minutes.

The most important advantage of using JobScout is that it has a pre-built search box for finding all the required jobs, and it has a search tab for customizing the search box. Using JobScout you can find all the jobs relevant to your industry, location, and specific keywords. JobScout comes with over 40 different categories for finding jobs according to your skill level, your industry, geographic location and many more. The advanced search feature allows you to narrow down the list of jobs to those with skills you possess and a portfolio you display. JobScout is compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome.

2. Job Portal

Job Portal is an amazing and fully responsive job board WordPress theme that is built using Bootstrap, and is a highly effective and cutting-edge theme. This theme has all you need to build a high quality job portal or job market. It includes: Job Search fields, Company Bio fields, Search fields for resumes, Search fields for skills and experience, Find job by location and so much more. This theme makes your website look professional while simultaneously providing you with all the tools you need to connect to the job market. You can customize this theme easily and start earning money instantly by including the Job Portal logo and custom content.


It also gives you access to an advanced Job Search field that allows you to filter your search criteria according to type, location, industry, keywords and so much more. Another powerful feature of the Job Portal theme is its fully responsive and customized widget that enables you to add multiple columns of highly customizable widgets on your blog or website, which include basic forms for resumes, company profile, skills and experience, search fields, links to external websites, search results, job description and much more. You can even have your job portal theme activated with social bookmarking! All these features and more make Job Portal one of the most popular and highly functional job board themes available today.

The Job Portal is completely SEO friendly and works perfectly well with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Also, the theme offers a one-click installation feature that simplifies the whole process of getting started. This theme also comes with powerful search engine optimization features and built-in back-linking system that make your page rank stronger. With all these features and more, Job Portal is one of the best options available for posting jobs, finding jobs, monitoring changes in jobs and much more!

3. Robojob

Robojob is among the top Job Board WordPress themes available today. Designed to offer all the services functionality out of mind, this job board theme is ideal for online listing/ directory site or job portal. With it’s simple approach, this free WordPress theme makes it easy for site visitors to locate data in the form of database listings. Some of the most popular features include:

This job board WordPress theme comes with a powerful built-in SEO feature that helps your website get indexed faster in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Its menu system allows you to list all job categories so you can filter the ones which are of interest to your visitors. For more customization, the extension of this theme comes with an extensive library of premade templates that you can use for constructing your job listing template. In addition, there are also several free plug-ins for further enhancing the functions of your extension.

One of the most attractive features of this free job board plugin a front end job manager is that you can easily create multiple listing by inserting different fields into the text boxes. This way, you are able to customize the content of each job in accordance to its specific requirements. To add new fields, just activate the Robojob ‘wsgitter’ plug-in and insert the relevant information into the input boxes. By the way, adding, editing and deleting fields is easy and convenient as it is built in one simple step!

4. JobFinder

Whether you’re looking for work through JobFinder, or you want to find qualified candidates through a career center, a great way to enhance your online efforts is with the help of JobFinder Portal and the WordPress themes that come along with it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? You can find out more about JobFinder here and how to use its innovative technology to help you find the right job.

JobFinder Portal is an excellent way to locate jobs in your area that are recruiting and also to customize your page when you login to the site for the first time. For example, you can use its Job Center to search for keywords related to your field of expertise. This will turn up results of employers that are posting positions in your industry field, and you can browse through them to see if anything catches your eye. You may be interested in pursuing a particular career, or you might be looking for a full time job and this feature will be a great way to keep track of the latest openings with JobFinder.

You can also browse through the JobFinder Portal’s extensive database of job listings to see whether there’s anything that strikes your interest. You might be looking for a new career, or you might be interested in a particular aspect of a career, and JobFinder’s database will help you find what you’re looking for. Whatever your goals are, you can use JobFinder’s intuitive interface and the many helpful right resources to make sure you meet your career goals.

5. Careers

Careers change constantly and so do people’s perception and definition of careers. The definition of a career can mean different things to different people. The career itself is a person’s “journey” throughout life, learning, working and many other facets. In a broader sense, there are many ways to define a career and sometimes the phrase is used differently in various contexts.

Careers are one of the few topics which are completely unaffected by global economic recession. With the recent recession in the United States, the number of available jobs is considerably smaller than before, although the number of new jobs is growing steadily. One thing is clear – the job market for most occupations has been negatively affected. As a result, career management strategies need to be implemented in order to avoid the negative consequences of the current state of the labour market. One way of dealing with this is to develop relevant and practical employment tools and careers which will be helpful to the current and future needs of the labour market. Careers which would be helpful to a prospective employee include careers involving computer and IT skills, careers involving hospitality and customer service, careers involving teaching and learning, healthcare occupations, the social sciences and careers in law and medicine.

Careers opportunities have become far more diversified and a wide range of occupations including art, design, culinary arts, media arts, nursing, childcare, sports management and technology administration have become mainstream. The internet has also opened up numerous career opportunities across all industry sectors. In addition, career development professionals have made career management software products which enable candidates to choose relevant occupations and tailor career goals to suit the individual. Careers opportunities and organisations have also come together to help individuals develop their careers. This has helped individuals find a long-term occupation, gain new skills and find opportunities where they were otherwise unlikely to exist.

6. Comports

What if I told you that there was a free online job board where you could look for commercial auto insurances, campervans, motor homes, travel trailers, work at home data entry jobs and more? Would you believe me? This is because every day thousands of people log onto online classified ads sites such as craigslist and various others just to find these types of jobs. And it’s true that commercial auto insurance companies have websites as well that they use to market their policies and services. With the proper prefix, “commercial” adds meaning to the term and means “of a commercial nature.”

With its prefix, “for”, the Latin language word comport mean “in a case of conflict or at variance”. So it’s pretty easy to understand that a company’s policy literally connotes that it will not tolerate discrimination of any kind, whether it be age sex, religion, national origin, or disability. One company that has a lot of commotion on the internet, is the company called miniterm, which offers free job listing WordPress themes at their website.

What minister does is that it searches the “Comports” list on the Internet for information returned by the various US Commercial Automobile Companies. Once it finds the relevant information returned by each company, it then gathers all of this information together into one place where it is easily found and sorted by category. That way, miniterm visitors who are looking for a particular type of company or business can locate information returned by the various companies quickly and efficiently, as opposed to having to browse through countless pages of companies’ web sites to retrieve the information needed from their web sites. Of course, this information returned by miniterm is not static. It changes constantly, as new car companies are added and old companies get added, so visitors will need to frequently visit the site in order to keep up with what information is on the site.


Jobpply is an innovative free job listing site template with a mobile and responsive design. If you’re looking to launch a new job board on the internet, kick things off right in style using Jobpply. This dynamic page gallery will set a warm, casual atmosphere for employers and job seekers alike. Whether you’re looking to post your resume or simply outsource a job, this is one of the easiest, most accessible ways to do it. You can build your profile, search by keywords or simply browse through a collection of jobs that are posted by freelance workers. Jobpply will display the full information of the posting, including pay rates, employer details, the means by which payment will be delivered, contact details and a short bio.

With a Jobpply page, you get a fast and effective job board where you can get access to jobs posted by freelance workers all over the world. When you choose the Jobpply theme, you’ll get a template that’s both professional and interactive and easy for mobile device use. The user-friendly Jobpply template is fully responsive, and its professional and creative free job listing features will make you look like a professional rather than a beginner. With its responsive and mobile ready design, it’s great for browsing through a job board, uploading your resume, browsing through a list of jobs and selecting the ones that interest you the most.

With a fully responsive design and its highly mobile-ready capabilities, you won’t have any problems with using Jobpply, whether you’re browsing through a list of jobs or applying for a particular position. In addition to being easy to use and navigate, Jobpply also offers premium job board templates for you to browse through. These templates are created especially for mobile devices, giving you an easier and faster way to search and browse through available positions. Moreover, if you want to add your own information to the site, you can easily do so, using the many widgets available on the Jobpply template. With this fully responsive template and its professionally creative job board features, you can be sure that you’ll be able to post your resume and get the attention of potential employers. This creative free job listing website template is perfect for anyone looking to post their resume, browse through available jobs and select the ones that best match their skills and expertise level.