In this post, we try to answer the question, why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business?

1. Woocommerce Pricing

When a new retailer is choosing a platform, price is likely to be a major factor. eCommerce applications range from free to many thousands of dollars per year, but that difference in price isn’t necessarily related to the capability of the application.

WooCommerce is competitive with leading enterprise eCommerce applications, but because it’s free, any business or entrepreneur can take advantage of its capabilities without having to commit to expensive support contracts or proprietary software licenses.

You should note that certain third-party payment applications and other extensions may cost money, but this will not be directed to WooCommerce themselves.


7 Reasons why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business

2. WooCommerce Is Modular

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce includes a rich set of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins. Retailers who use WooCommerce benefit twice from this modularity: they have access to thousands of WordPress plugins and themes as well as hundreds of eCommerce-specific extensions built just for WooCommerce.

The genius of a modular system is that it helps to cultivate a community of developers who build extensions to add specific functionality, something that isn’t possible with monolithic applications. With the right plugins, WooCommerce can be the perfect eCommerce platform for every retailer.

Those plugins may expand functionality in regards to shipping, payments, how products are handled, and more. WooCommerce themselves have developed and recommend several additional plugins when using their store.

The add product screen in WooCommerce is very similar to WordPress

3. WooCommerce Is WordPress

“But isn’t WooCommerce just WordPress?”.
The implication being that because WooCommerce is constrained by its parent application, it can’t be as good as a purpose-built eCommerce application.

In reality, WooCommerce’s origin as a WordPress plugin is actually a strength. WordPress is hugely popular because it’s so flexible and functional. Millions of businesses choose to use WordPress because it provides the best foundation for their sites. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use.

WooCommerce inherits all of the strength and reliability of WordPress and uses it to build a world-class eCommerce experience for retailers and their customers.


7 Reasons why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business

4. WooCommerce Can Be Used To Sell Anything

WooCommerce is incredibly flexible. If you want to sell something, you can sell it with WooCommerce. That includes physical products, digital products, subscriptions, appointments, and much more. Whether you intend to sell a single digital product or an enormous variety of physical products, WooCommerce is the Swiss Army Knife of eCommerce applications.

7 Reasons why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business

5. WooCommerce Has A Vibrant Developer Community

Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open source, which means that retailers are free to change or add core features, build new extensions, and create custom themes. For some less popular eCommerce applications, it is difficult to find developers capable of doing that work and if you can find a developer, they are expensive to hire.

WooCommerce retailers benefit from a large pool of developers and WooCommerce professionals. If you need to make changes to your WooCommerce store, it won’t be hard to find someone to do the work for you.


7 Reasons why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business


6. WooCommerce Includes Powerful Analytics

The more you know about your customers and the way they interact with your store and its products, the better. Out of the box, WooCommerce provides an extensive set of analytics displayed in a clear and intuitive interface. Additionally, it’s straightforward to integrate WooCommerce with external analytics services like Google Analytics with extensions.

7. WooCommerce Grows With Your Business

When choosing an eCommerce application, it is a good idea to think about the future of your business. It might be small now, but in time it will grow and you should choose an application that is capable of supporting a busy store without imposing too much complexity in the early days.

WooCommerce supports stores ranging from the tiny to the immense. It can scale from a few products to many thousands, and from a handful of shoppers a day to hundreds of shoppers per second.


7 Reasons why Choose WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Business