Adlinkfly script How much would you pay for a short link? If you answered $1 or less, then you should check out This is a free service that allows you to create short links (URL) using Adlinkfly script that earn you money.

You can now monetize your web pages using Google Adsense. The problem is that it’s very time-consuming to get approved. That’s why I created to provide a simple way to generate revenue from your websites.

With Adlinkfly, you can easily add a banner ad to your site. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a unique code that you paste into your page. Then, whenever someone clicks on your link, they’ll see a pop-up window asking them to enter their email address. They can also opt-out at any time.


AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener

Adlink Fly is a GDPR compliant, earning money by starting your own short link service, just like adfly,, or clones. Allow members to shorten links and earn money, and keep half of the profits. Adlink Fly includes publishers who are creating shortened links and advertisers who are creating campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, API, translations ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skril, Bitcoin(Coinbase – Coinpayments), Webmoney, Perfect Money, PAYEEER, Money wallet & bank transfer integration, recaptcha integration and much more!

Main features

• Earn money with every click on your links

• Keep 50% of all earnings

• Easy to use

• No registration is needed

• Free to join

• Get started in minutes

• Works on all devices

• Easily integrate with other services

• Fully responsive design

• Mobile friendly

• Support for all languages

• And many more…

Demo Account

Mighty features. GDPR compliant. A checkbox to agree to terms and conditions while registering. Make personal information optional. Allow administrator to export all user personal data including profile data, links, invoices, and withdrawals. Display cookie notification message when visiting the website. Checkbox to contact us and support form to accept collecting names and emails.

An administrator can delete a user completely, including all his/her linked accounts, views, campaigns, invoice records, and withdrawals.


You can get paid per click if your link is clicked. You can choose different countries and pay according to the number of clicks. Advertisers can select different sizes of banners, interstitials, popups, and even full pages. You can also choose not to show any ads at all.

Advertiser System

Each visitor will meet the following criteria. Unique within a 24-hour time period. They won’t be using an ad blocker extension. They must have Javascript enabled. They must have cookies enabled. Must view your site for at least five seconds. Publishers can create campaigns for the following ads: Interstitials? Full-page ads Banner?728×90,468×60 &336×280 Popups.

Advertisers can choose what type of campaign they want to run. They can also select specific sources for their ads to appear on. They can pause, resume and track their ad campaigns.

Payment Gateways

Paypal. Stripe. PayPal. Skrill. Bitcoin – Coinbase. Bitcoin – CoinPayments. Webmoney. Perfect Money. Wallet Money. Bank transfer. And more is coming…

Withdrawal System

PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and WebMoney are all ways to transfer money online. Publishers can also choose to turn off withdrawals if they are low.

Referrals System

AdLinkFly is a great way to share the word about this great service and to get paid for doing it. You will earn 20% of every link you refer to us. We pay out daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Members System

Users can sign up and activate emails will be sent out. ReCaptcha verification on reset password and account creation pages. Allow users to change the email address. Users can also add their billing information like First Name, Last Name, Address, Country, City, State and Phone Number.

API Tools

AdLinkFly is an easy-to-use link shortening service. You can use it to create unique shortened links for any web page, blog post, social media profile, etc. All you need to do is enter the URL you wish to shorten, select the type of link you want to create, and click “Create Shortened Link”. Then copy the code generated by AdLinkFly and paste it wherever you want to display the shortened link.

AdLinkFly provides an API for developers to access information about ad campaigns. Developers can request campaign information using the API. The response will return information in JSON format.

Captcha System

Enable/disable captcha on the short links page. Disable/enable on the signup form. Disable/enable on forgot password form.


AdLinkFly is an all-in-one WordPress theme for any type of website. It comes with multiple domain link shortener options. You can also create your own custom short links with our unique short link generator tool. We offer a free trial version of the theme, and you can buy the premium version at a discounted price.

Administration Panel

Easy to access and manage. View stats on the dashboard. Change site name and description. Change default site languages and timezones. Add your website logo. Two different versions of the logo. Enable/disable account activation by email. Enable/disable advertising features. Change referral percentage earning. Ability to add head code into front area pages.

This project will allow you to add custom code to your website using head tags. You can also add custom code to your member’s area, administration area, and any other page you wish. Customization options include changing the minimum length of an alias, the maximum length of an alias, banner advertisement, interstitial advertisements, no adverts, and allowing or disallowing certain domains to be shortened through our API.

Set default advertising type for anonymous and members, set counter value into short links, set Mass Shrinker Limit, admin can add ads into various positions like Member Area Captcha page, Interstitial Page, Banner728x90, Banner468x60, Banner336x280, ability to change currency code, ability to change currency symbol.

Ability to add Facebook page URL. Ability to add Twitter profile URL. Ability to add Google+ URL. Support for SMTP email. Support for filtering campaigns. Support for filtering users. Support for filtering links.

System Requirements

PHP7.3 or higher. Mod-Rewrite Module Enabled. PDO Extension. Open SSL Extension. Intl Extension. cURL Extension. Mysql5.1.10 or Greater. The above requirements are usually available on almost web hosting companies.