Directory WordPress Themes is among the most popular and widely used theme options for WordPress. You can easily create a professional, sophisticated and customized look for your site with these types of themes. It has all the right features that will fit your style, so that you can make your website attractive and very functional. These types of themes have many advanced options like custom logo, unlimited color scheme, unlimited line gallery, full-page SEO optimization and so on. Directory WordPress theme is extremely easy to install and the users can easily build a professional and unique website, with these types of themes.

This type of theme is great for those who love their wordpress theme but cannot afford the professional look. If you want to change your look every now and then but do not have huge budgets for it, you can opt for directory WordPress theme and here you will get various great free WordPress Themes like WordFinity, Genesis and lots more. WordFinity is one of the most popular directory theme, as it perfectly compliments all the important qualities to serve you well. It has built-in WYSIWYG editor, quick website builder and lots more. Genesis is also another professional quality wordpress theme, which is extremely easy to use and understand.

WordFinity offers a large number of templates for free and you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. It has built in shopping cart system for your convenience and ease while building your internet site. It also provides free video tutorials and live video chat facility for you to have a detailed look on how to use the WordFinity theme and how to customize it to make it fully responsive. Genesis is also a professional quality wordpress theme that is easy to install and understand. It offers fully responsive design with various options like homepage template, logo, header and side bar.

1. ListingPro

Best Directory WordPress Themes 2021

ListingPro is a great affiliate marketing tool that allow you to promote your own products and services, build a list and display your information in a neat WordPress Theme. This theme is great for all types of sites and can be set up really fast and easy. The features are endless with this theme. One thing that might prove to be a limitation for some is the inability to edit your listing once it is uploaded.

ListingPro was created by WordPress, the popular blogging platform used by many. You will need to login to your WordPress site and then select the “All In One” theme from a drop down menu. Once you have selected the theme you wish to use, select “Listing Pro” and you will be prompted to choose a theme from a variety of choices. A list of directories will be displayed on the right side of your screen. Simply click on the directory of your choice and you will be directed to the ListingPro theme page where you can change your website’s name, description and more.

ListingPro was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The theme comes with a default theme, but you can add your own theme if you want. The one major limitation with this theme is its inability to be edited once the list has been uploaded to the directories.

The Listing Pro theme allows you to build an all-inclusive professional directory website with WordPress. The premium theme comes with a beautiful interface, loads of great features, great plugins and powerful database powered by amazing quality plugins. The Listing Pro template is designed specifically for the WordPress platform and includes several unique features that make it stand out among other similar themes. One such feature is the use of Woocommerce as a backend system for your website. This powerful theme features a fully featured Woocommerce shopping cart that lets customers browse through your available products and buy them instantly.

2. Wyzi

Best Directory WordPress Themes 2021

If you are looking for a WordPress theme for your website then the most likely one that you would choose is the Wyzi theme. This WordPress theme is created by the very famous Christian Audigier and has already earned huge popularity among people who love to create websites of their own. There are many other popular and famous directories that also have their own version of this theme. You can simply choose the most suitable theme that fits your business or website perfectly.

There are also many different categories under which you can choose your theme from. You can either create your own category or choose from the ones already available in the WordPress. The themes of Wyzi also come with all kinds of features such as custom logo, custom footer, sidebars, login button, search box, polls, guest book and lots of others. All of these features and options are packed into the theme in order to make it so much easier and convenient to use. And if there is one thing that can make a business stand out from the rest is through the online directories feature that can be added to the theme. This will enable you to increase your popularity among the millions of other websites all over the world and let you expand your business to a new level.

All the features and options that you can find will surely help you in making your site look more appealing. It also has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy for a newbie or an ordinary user to understand the whole process of using it. There are also many different icons used in the interface that can be customized easily depending on your needs. And finally, this theme is very easy to use even for beginners. All you have to do is to learn how to install the theme and everything will be explained to you step by step.

3. Listable

Best Directory WordPress Themes 2021

Listable WordPress themes are available to all users with the use of one-click installation. Once you have your list of desired features, you can easily make changes to your list by using your WordPress admin control panel. One of the main differences between a Listable theme and a regular one is that a stable theme has a series of pre-installed directories that are designed to make it easier for site administrators to manage their lists. For example, if a new visitor to your site requests a page that displays his or her email address, the administration of the list will be easier since a page for such a person has already been installed.

By default, all Listable themes contain a ‘per-post’ directory, which is useful for making it easy to manage multiple blog posts. You may also choose to create your own directories in order to create a customized way of displaying email addresses for your readers. In the ‘phpaddicts’ directory you can install additional themes and functions such as search box, sorting options and email auto responder. In addition, most themes also feature a ‘search’ option for users to search for posts on your site in a different way than the standard list view. The ‘per-post’ feature of a Listable theme makes it possible for site administrators to make it easy for a user to change the categories and/or subcategories of a post without having to change the content of the page.

Some of the main advantages of the WordPress theme include: The Theme has a very large database of plug-ins, which allows for endless customization of your website. The theme also provides various ways of displaying email addresses such as a ‘list-only’ option in your cpanel, a ‘people-only’ option in your cpanel and a ‘search-by-email’ option within your theme. The themes also provide a wide range of features such as loading images and stylesheets from external sources, which allow for flexibility. The best thing about the Listable theme is that is comes preinstalled with the majority of popular forums and directories. There are a number of other list themes available in the ‘downloads’ section of this site.

The Listable Theme is an e-commerce software solution that offers you a hassle free way to build your own customized website that has all the features of a good fully optimized website and even more. By adding Listable WordPress themes you will be able to change the theme in real time without having to rebuild the entire site from scratch. Listable WordPress themes are designed with the best of modern web design practices in mind, and they are highly refined so that they are able to provide your business with the perfect product, the exact set of products that you need at the right price, while still offering you a number of customization options. With a little bit of work you can easily turn your normal blog into a fully optimized Listable WordPress theme in no time at all.

You may wonder why it matters which theme you pick as there is no right or wrong answer. That all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to build a site that can help you increase your customer base or drive up sales, then it really does not matter that one theme is better than another, if you know how to get your point across effectively to your customers. Most people aren’t experts in search engine optimization and would rather have a fully optimized Woocommerce theme. If you have a fully optimized site that is well established and has plenty of high PR backlinks pointing to it, then picking a Listable WordPress theme will not do much for you. So as long as you keep in mind the basics of search engines, SEO, and marketing, you will have no trouble finding the perfect Listable WordPress theme that will allow you to reach your business goals in the most effective manner possible.

4. Classipress

Best Directory WordPress Themes


ClassiPress theme is very much different from a normal WordPress theme. ClassiPress theme is developed to suit the needs of an individual web site owner. The main objective of ClassiPress theme is to allow you the ability to customize the look and feel of your web site. ClassiPress also uses various directories that allow you to syndicate your content across the internet. This is done by adding various different plugins to your WordPress website. The best way to get started with a ClassiPod Theme is to first sign up for an account on one of the reputable providers of ClassiPress themes, such as WPTuts+.

Your website will be hosted on a ClassiPod server, which is a portion of the parent repository. The best part about using a ClassiNews theme is that it will use various directories that contain valid and clean HTML code that allows your files to be listed in a standard search engine. Once your files have been submitted to these directories, users will be able to find them in any search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Most web masters agree that the quality of the content contained in most directories is higher than most of the material available on websites such as YouTube.

The most important part of using a ClassiPresto theme is to make sure you have your template theme submitted to the various directories included with ClassiPresto theme. By doing this, you will ensure the reliability and popularity of your web site. The most popular reason why a person chooses to use a ClassiNews theme is because it looks like a professional site, however, all the directories are contained within the theme, which means that your website will look like a part of a legitimate news website instead of just another blog. Creating your first ClassiPresto theme can be quite difficult, however if you follow these simple steps then you will have a great start on building your business.

Classy – Classipress child theme

Best Directory WordPress Themes

If you are planning to revamp your website with a classy theme or are designing one for a friend or any other person, then you must take into account few things. You must always remember that when you are designing a classy theme for yourself or you are going to design a classy theme for any of your friend, you must be very careful about the theme template that you choose from the directories. You should look for the best and the most classy themes available in the market so that you can make your site look very impressive and presentable and so that people can have a right idea about the kind of business that you are into.

You will find that there are thousands of directory themes available on the internet. However, if you want to design a theme that is unique and does not look like others, then it is always better to design it on your own. Designing your own theme is very easy and anyone can do it if they have an idea of the working of the directory themes. So all you need to do is find the directory which can provide you all the information that you need to know about the directory themes. You will also get a complete list about the themes which can be downloaded from the directory.

Once you have a list of the theme templates available on the internet you will need to find out what all can be used for the decoration of the site. There are various features of the theme templates which you can use and you need to select those features that are good for your site. For example you can use the header, footer or any other feature of the theme to add more grace and style to the site. This way, the directory theme will be helpful for you and will not only make your site look unique but will also enhance its beauty. You should always select the theme which suits the design of your website because different theme templates are available for different kinds of sites.


Best Directory WordPress Themes

Brikk Theme is a contemporary blog theme that is highly ideal for websites that are new and do not have any credibility in the market. The directory WordPress themes category is very helpful in getting your blog listed in directories because it makes your blog easy to locate by users through the category settings. Moreover, these directories offer a great platform to you for showcasing your content as well as increasing traffic towards your site. If you want to know about the exact features of this blog theme, then you can search the directories using the help of the keyword or term, ‘brikk’. You would receive a number of results, which would help you choose the right feature from among them.

The most important feature of this blog theme is the use of the File: option which allows you to upload all your content as a PDF file and place it on a single page. The other features include the multiple header option, featured images option, hover options, permalinks option, unlimited width option and more. The best thing about this theme is that it allows you to create unlimited pages and is SEO friendly. Moreover, the built-in pings make your website appear top rank among the search engines. It also helps you to build links with other websites.

However, the drawback of this theme is that it has limited functionality and its features are not yet available for the buyers. However, there are lots of Brikk plugins available in the market that can add better functionality and features to the Brikk theme. You can choose from among these plugins and install them on your website to make it more user friendly and convenient for the readers to navigate easily.

6. Directory

Best Directory WordPress Themes

The first and foremost thing that needs to be understood about a directory theme is that it should always integrate with the most popular search engine out there. Google and Yahoo are the most popular search engines today, and you have to make your website theme’s SEO friendly with these two search engines. It would be very easy for your customers to find you in the search engine results if you optimize your theme to work with their search engine preferences. Most of the times, your customers search for a particular topic and you need to appear in the first or second pages of their search result page. This means that you have to make your website theme’s SEO friendly so that you get better visibility in the search engines.

An ideal directory theme should be able to provide easy access to your main page and all other sub-pages. This means that your customers can easily go through each of your pages by clicking on a specific ‘page’ icon. The directory theme should provide multiple columns for each of your categories. You should make sure that your theme has a ‘home’ page so that you are able to display all the latest products and services that you offer in your website. If you are able to add a search bar to your home page, you will be able to greatly improve the number of searches that you get.

If you want to maximize the amount of searches that you get online, you need to integrate your website theme with woCompell, an effective SEO tool. By integrating this tool with your directory theme, you will be able to increase your search engine results rankings and improve your overall online presence. There are many things that you have to take note of when choosing a directory theme, most especially its SEO compatibility. These things include whether your theme works with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines; is your theme easy to install and use; will it enhance your website’s search engine results ranking; and how much does it cost?

7. Vantage

Best Directory WordPress Themes

You’ve probably been using WordPress for a while now and have used the Vantage theme, but you’re wondering why it doesn’t work with Woocommerce. There is a reason that it doesn’t work as well as some others with Woocommerce and that reason is because of a lack of integration. If you have used a site builder before then you’ve probably seen just how easy it is to add a new site builder to your website. All you do is copy and paste the code and you are good to go. But this is only true if the site builder that you have used allows you to add in the necessary files to your site.

The Vantage theme from Woocommerce is not a builder. This theme is designed to actually make a visitor enter in their email address and contact information. Once a person has entered this information into their account and clicked on the link in an email they received from you, they will be redirected to a page with your new site builder. If you use the Vantage theme along with the normal web building process, you will find that you can make quite a few pages in this theme. It’s important that your pages all display the same template, so by using the regular web building process you are already creating a site that looks like it will be a success when someone views it.

If you are going to be using a regular website builder to build a site, then you should definitely use the Vantage theme along with the regular site builder. When a visitor clicks on one of your pages and is redirected to the “add to cart” page, this is your chance to make the visitor feel like they made a great purchase. Make sure that your contact information is right there on the page so that the customer doesn’t have to go searching for it on the “add to cart” page. The Vantage theme makes it easy for a visitor to purchase without having to go through a lot of hassle or confusion. Once the customer has purchased the product, you will see an automatic email sent to your company’s address letting you know that your site was appreciated.

8. Urbango

Best Directory WordPress Themes

The Urbango theme is a very popular WordPress theme that allows for both paid and free usage of the themes built in its library. Like many other WordPress themes, it has a multitude of add-ons and plug-ins that can be added to customize it further. One thing that Urbango does well is its integration of a responsive web design feature that can be used to allow viewers to leave feedback, vote on content, comment on articles, or even sign up for discussion forums. This is especially great for small businesses that do not wish to annoy their visitors with high-powered advertisement blocks but still want to make sure that they can give the information that they want when possible.

Another thing that the Urbango theme brings to the table is its ability to support a clean design and the integration of the most commonly used online directories. These include the Yahoo! Directory, which have an excellent clean design, and the Open Directory Project (ODP), which have been around longer than the Yellow Pages. The inclusion of these two directories means that any website can be listed in them and potentially have its link show up in the search engine results for relevant keywords. This is a huge benefit for anyone who is an authority on any subject and wants to allow others to link to them so that they can increase their visibility to potential customers.

The third thing that Woocommerce provides is its integration with PriceBuddy, which is a local online classified ads website. This allows for any number of products or services to be listed or classified under just one theme. For those who are familiar with how classified ads work, the integration of Woocommerce into a website that uses the PriceBuddy theme will be a breeze for those who have not had much exposure to the site before. For those who are already familiar with how classifieds to work, this integration will provide yet another tool in the arsenal of a professional internet marketer.

9. Listify

Best Directory WordPress Themes

When it comes to list building, sometimes it is easy to make the mistakes of selecting a listing theme that is not suitable for your website. Listify theme is a simple and easy to use blog base that allows you to build your own website. You can create a site that has all the things that you want your customers or visitors to be able to see, such as an online shop, contact form, news form, blog links, a contact us page, and much more. You will also be able to build a guest book with which you can provide guest blogging opportunities for others in your niche.

In case you are not sure whether or not you want to use a listing theme for your site, you should first go to its site and check out what it offers. On the site, you can even search for themes by product, so you can get one that is similar to the Listify service that you want to use for your site. The best thing about this kind of site is that it is easy to use and it is compatible with all kinds of blogging platforms. If you are just starting to create a site, and you do not yet have your own domain name, then using a list is a great way to get your site started quickly and easily.

Listify theme is a perfect theme to use if you want to build a list of email addresses. Since it allows you to list blogs and articles that are already posted on the site, it will allow you to build a site that has a readership of people who want to hear more about your blog or write to you. You will also be able to sell products on your site and ship them to your customers, and the best thing is that it will work with WordPress. By using a list, you will be able to build a strong relationship with your subscribers and turn them into regular customers. You will also be able to generate more traffic to your site, as well as a large number of back links and SEOs to your site.

10. ListGo

Best Directory WordPress Themes

ListGo theme is an extensive collection of directories which are used by thousands of online marketers every day. It is an amazing theme forest that contains hundreds of directories all of which contain the very same keywords in the directory names and all have a common theme to get more traffic and build their lists. So what is really the catch? ListGo theme has made it very easy for marketers to build huge opt in and email lists, drive highly targeted traffic and earn huge profits. ListGo theme is actually an awesome website creation tool and I highly recommend it to all marketers, especially to those who have tried other website creation tools but have failed to get any serious results. If you are a newbie or just want to refine your list building and Internet marketing skills, then I highly recommend ListGo theme.

The reason why ListGo theme works so well is because it allows all marketers to get their lists from their directories. By listing your web directories on your ListGo theme, you can easily get all your directories listed at once, build massive lists, drive highly targeted traffic, and make profits. Listing all your directories will also allow you to earn unlimited income from multiple web directories. If you are one of the people who wants to earn unlimited income from their web directories then I suggest you take a look at ListGo and list all your directories here.

ListGo theme is created specifically to cater niche markets, so if you are an SEO expert or someone who wants to increase their web traffic and build their lists from multiple directories then ListGo will work perfectly for you. ListGoo theme is also great for beginners because you do not need to understand much about SEO and search engine optimization before using it. If you are a newbie and want to increase your traffic and profit with low cost, easy to use and highly effective methods then ListGo is perfect for you. Just simply type your niche in the Search bar and ListGoo will generate a list of directories suitable for your niche and show you the best matches for your selected directories.