Fast loading, flexibility, and the level of integration with WooCommerce are crucial when deciding on a WooCommerce theme. Here’s a list of 10 great themes for creating a beautiful quick-loading, conversion-optimized WooCommerce store.

1. Elementor Hello + Theme Builder

If you want the most flexible, lightweight way to design your WooCommerce store, you can use the Elementor Hello theme plus Elementor WooCommerce Builder.

Elementor Hello provides a super lightweight foundation. Then, you can use the dedicated WooCommerce widgets and templating features in Elementor Theme Builder to design your shop and product pages.

With dedicated widgets for individual product details, like prices and add to cart buttons, you have full control over exactly how your store’s shop and product pages look.

One thing to consider with this approach, though, is that you’ll need to use CSS to style your cart and checkout pages. If that’s a dealbreaker for you, you can still pair Elementor WooCommerce Builder with one of the other lightweight themes on this list.

That way, you can use a dedicated WooCommerce theme to control your cart and checkout pages, while retaining the flexibility of Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder to design your product and shop pages.

For example, Elementor WooCommerce Builder pairs perfectly with the next three themes on this list (and you can still use it with all the other themes, too).

GeneratePress is a popular lightweight multipurpose theme with WooCommerce compatibility.

In addition to tons of general options, GeneratePress also gives you detailed WooCommerce settings in the WordPress Customizer where you can configure everything from the drop-down shopping cart to a distraction-free checkout mode.

GeneratePress also has some other nice WooCommerce features like:

  • Display add to cart panel on scroll.
  • Customizable upsell/related products columns.
  • WooCommerce breadcrumbs.

GeneratePress includes pre-built demo sites based on Elementor, but the only e-commerce demo site relies on the block editor (though you can still pair it with Elementor).

The core GeneratePress theme is available on, but you’ll need GP Premium for access to the WooCommerce settings. GP Premium costs $49.95.

Neve is a quick-loading multipurpose theme with full WooCommerce compatibility and importable demo sites powered by Elementor.

Neve offers full WooCommerce compatibility in its free version on, but for the deepest WooCommerce integration, you’ll want to spring for Neve Pro.

Starting at $39, Neve Pro adds on a WooCommerce Booster module that gives you tons of new options in the Customizer to control your shop, product, and cart/checkout pages.

Neve also includes a number of WooCommerce-friendly importable demo sites, including many that are powered by Elementor.

Jupiter X is a gorgeous multipurpose WordPress theme with over 270 pre-built templates all powered by Elementor and Jupiter X’s detailed customization settings.

It’s not quite as lightweight as something like Astra or OceanWP, but it should still be fast enough for an e-commerce store and it makes up for that with some truly gorgeous demo sites.

In fact, you get 40+ e-commerce demo sites, the highest number of options of any theme on this list.

To further control your store, you get tons of e-commerce-specific features in the WordPress Customizer.

Jupiter X only comes in a premium version – it will cost you $59 for the theme and all the demo sites.

Woostify is a lightweight WooCommerce theme that’s 100% focused on e-commerce. In its approach, it’s kind of like Astra and OceanWP…but it only does e-commerce, while those themes handle non-ecommerce sites, too.

As such, Woostify comes with a number of ecommerce-specific features like:

  • Ajax add-to-cart (with slide-out panel).
  • Built-in product variation swatches.
  • Autocomplete product search.
  • Product quick view.
  • Buy now button (takes users straight to the checkout page).
  • Urgency countdown timers.
  • Built-in size charts.

Beyond all those features, Woostify also includes a number of pre-built demo sites for different niches. The great thing is that many of these demo sites are built with Elementor, which makes them easy for you to customize.

The core version of Woostify is available for free on Then, Woostify Pro starts at $39.