Before you pick a web theme to design your job listing site, look for several essential attributes. Only then can you successfully create job portals of your desire.

So, here are seven essential elements/features that are of high-priority in a free job board WordPress theme.

1. Job Listing Page Template

When a recruiter posts vacancy details on a job listing site, they have to provide a detailed description. A brief job description won’t attract a lot of candidates. Job seekers won’t apply for jobs that have little to no information.

Your ideal WordPress theme should provide a page template for single jobs. Recruiters can write about their job vacancies in detail. So, candidates can have a better understanding of the job before they apply.

2. Advanced Search Form

The recruiters will use your job site to search for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. Similarly, job seekers will also search for company profiles where they would like to work.

You need to provide an advanced search bar for both the recruiters and job seekers.

Thus, you have to search for a WordPress theme that provides this search feature. The search bar also needs to have multiple filter options. Some of the filters might be for location, keywords, categories, and so on.

3. Front-End Submission

Your audience wants an easy way to submit relevant information on the job portal.  Some of that information includes vacancy details, resumes, candidate profiles, company profiles, and more.

The web visitors don’t want to contact admins to post these details every time. Instead, you have to let them submit it from the front-end. Your ideal WordPress theme should provide an intuitive interface for both recruiters and job seekers.

4. Mobile-Friendly Design

Does your website render correctly on all screen sizes? The recruiters and job seekers will browse your site from multiple display devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and others.

Your audience will not take unpleasant web experience lightly. If the web visitors cannot browse the site from these devices, they will bounce away.

So, you have to search for a WordPress theme that is responsive/mobile-friendly. In fact, mobile-friendliness is one of the crucial factors to decrease your website’s bounce rate.

5. Search Engine Optimized

The job seekers are using search engines to find their desired vacancies. Recruiters also rely on those engines to search for qualified candidates. We can conclude that search engines are a great marketing platform.

An SEO-friendly web template helps you rank your site on higher results in search engines. Some of them include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

Also, make sure the WordPress theme that you select supports schema integration. With this feature, Google and other search engines can understand your web content with ease.

6. Google Maps Integration

Google Maps are incredibly helpful for candidates to find a company’s whereabouts.

You need to search for a WordPress theme that integrates Google Maps, or any other options. Some of its alternatives include Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap,, and more.

7. Translation Ready

Are you targeting audiences that speak multiple languages? If yes, then your selected web template should enable you to translate your job site. You have to pick a WordPress theme that supports multiple languages across the globe.

If you want to help job seekers from the middle east, you need a theme that supports RTL language scripts. RTL stands for Right-to-Left, and its examples are Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and more.