A job search website allows employers to publish their job openings and look for relevant candidates. Applicants, in their turn, can post their resumes and search for the desired vacancies there. Now let’s take a look at the 3 main ways that will allow you to build a create a website like Indeed.


How to create a website like Indeed

There three alternatives to create a job dedicated website like indeed

Alternative #1. Ready-made software

Such software vendors like SmartJobBoard, Madgex, Russmedia Job Board, Recooty, Monster TMS offer cloud job board solutions at one click. You do not need to stew about hosting and upgrades, they are included. It is worth noting several advantages and disadvantages to this option.


  • No specific knowledge and skills required. You can think away coding, quality assurance, hosting, upgrade, and other technical side aspects of the development.
  • Relatively affordable price. For sure, this solution is not cheap, but the final quote is lower than for custom software development.
  • Maintenance and support. You don’t need to think about bugs, crashes, and performance falls. These aspects are taken under control by the software provider.


  • Zero customization. You have no ability to build a custom template or implement your own features. Everything you can do is to use corporate colors and logos.
  • Limited control. The service provider only gives you the platform to use it. It means you have no control rights and you do not own it.

In a few words, this option is a nice idea when you want to start a platform with a matter of minutes. You don’t need a unique and complex solution? Then it is a good choice for you.

Alternative #2. Content management systems

Another way for job board platform development is to use CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. Specifically, they provide themes and plugins that give you an ability to create a website like Indeed.

In WordPress Job Board themes are very used for this purpose


  • Freedom of actions. Within the chosen template, you are able to customize most of the platform elements.
  • A lot of options. You can find a large number of themes and plugins, both free and paid.


  • Technical knowledge. Initially, there will be no problem to start a platform without any programming skills. Going forward, if some crashes or bugs emerge, you will need to use your technical skills to solve the problems.
  • Low compatibility. If you build a website on Joomla, then there is no opportunity to add some themes or plugins from other systems.

This option is perfect in case you need to launch fast and verify your idea through minimal investments. If you have already built a platform using CMS, you will just need to build in some themes or plugins.

Alternative #3. Custom software development

You can hire a software consultancy or a team of custom software developers to build an employment platform. Let’s take a look at the main advantages of this solution.


  • High scalability. In case you need to start fast, build an MVP product first. It allows you to verify your business idea through minimal investments and then improve your product based on users’ feedback. It means that custom software development gives you an opportunity to build a scalable architecture for further development.
  • Customized UX/UI. It is a perfect option to stand out from your market rivals. You can create a unique user experience that greatly simplifies the way job seekers will apply for a vacancy.


  • Time and pricing. This solution option requires more time and is more expensive than the previous two ways.