Now let’s talk how to make a coupon website using WordPress. As WordPress is versatile, multipurpose and flexible CMS, it’s not a tough task to create a coupon site with WordPress.

Like any other website, one can easily create a coupon website in WP framework using a theme specifically created for coupon websites. There are plenty of minimalist and modern WordPress coupon themes that provide the professional looking design/ layout for a coupons and deals website. Yes, they offer exactly the similar design like that of RetailMeNot and awesome features. In addition, there are plenty of WordPress coupon plugins that add functionalities to your coupon website and make it a perfect coupon website.

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The Most Important Features of a Coupon Website

If you examine the characteristics of several websites in a particular niche, you will quickly learn about the different features that help to streamline the user experience for that particular niche. And the same philosophy applies to coupon sites. There are features that you cannot live without, and many of such features will make your website browsing experience seamless, pleasant, and highly rewarding.

Here are the most important features that your coupon website needs:

  • Membership — Allowing users to become members on your site helps those users to maintain a regular interaction with their favorite deals. Furthermore, membership allows your users to submit special deals of their own, helping you to create additional content with no extra cost on your side.
  • Statistics — The word ‘statistics’ in this context is purely for statistics like coupon success rate, user feedback, and social media data. These statistics are otherwise known as ‘trust signals’ and helps users to distinguish good coupon codes between bad ones.
  • Search — WordPress does have a Search function by default, but oftentimes the default search functionality is not enough to cover an entire site of coupons. You need a Search feature that can dig into different categories, store names, and even specific offers.
  • Mobile Design — In this time and age, more users browse their favorite websites from handheld devices rather than desktop computers. As a result, it’s critically important that your coupons website runs on a smooth base of mobile responsive design. This shouldn’t be an issue if you use a reliable pre-made design with mobile-design features already built into the core.
  • Promotional Widgets — These type of widgets are generally used across coupon sites to promote special deals and to advertise partner brands with higher visibility. Apart from making money with direct coupon promotion, your other avenue of revenue making is going to be promotions and sponsorships.

Overall, these features act as the base for your site. Any additional customizations you wish to make have to come through your chosen design or through additional plugins.

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The WordPress Plugin repository is full of interesting and dynamic plugins to choose from, and you can always inspire yourself by analyzing what other websites in the coupon niche are doing.

Choosing a Platform: WordPress

Not only is WordPress an excellent platform to help you save money in the long-term, it’s also used by more than 30% of all world’s websites. The popularity of WordPress stems through its diverse range of design choices — through themes — and website customization options using community-made plugins. vs | A Head to Head Comparison Between the two Platforms


Anyone who uses WordPress as their platform of choice can easily replicate the design and functionality of established brands like Groupon and RetailMeNot. Most importantly, WordPress is an open-source solution with one of the most diverse communities across any online content creation systems.

Here is a rundown of the best WordPress features, especially for coupon websites.

  • Freedom — We can’t think of a better platform than WordPress where you will find freedom to customize and adapt the website design to your needs. Developers create not only standalone niche themes but also thorough frameworks which can act as great core foundations for a growing brand. Once you download WordPress, you have complete and utter freedom over the process of adding new features, elements and functionality to your site.
  • Community Resources — There’s nothing better than being able to quickly find a tutorial or a guide on how to resolve a particular problem. In this area, WordPress is without question one of the best platforms for benefiting from community resources.
  • Monetization — Once your site starts to attract a reasonable audience, you will want to plan out the steps to take in order to monetize your website. In essence, you don’t even need to add any additional plugins or themes to enable monetization. However, we do recommend that you study plugins and theme documentations to understand how easy it can be to insert adds/promotions/specials in dynamic locations across your site.

Once you have acquainted yourself with the inner workings of WordPress, and understood its basic functionality, you are going to be ready to choose between a hosting provider. A reliable, fast, and secure hosting provider is quintessential to maintain a stable website and ensure maximum availability even while you sleep!

A Coupon WordPress Theme: Coupon WP

The next, and in fact, the last step in your journey of creating a coupon website using WordPress is to pick a design that will match your niche. We at FameThemes develop themes for numerous WordPress niches, and so it happens that one of our themes is actually designed specifically for the purpose of serving coupon websites.

How to make a coupon website like retailmenot with wordpress


Building a great site isn’t just about the way your site looks. It’s also about the functionality that sits at the back-end. For example, it’s important that your site has an exceptional structure of responsive design. There are nearly 4 billion connected mobile devices to date, and this number will grow exponentially over the coming years.

How to make a coupon website like retailmenot with wordpress

With Coupon WP — you can rest assured that the design structure is based on the latest standards in CSS3, HTML5, and Stylesheet Generators such as SASS and Semantic UI.

But design structure isn’t the only area that’s refined in this theme. We also implement a number of unique features to make it as easy and flexible as possible for you to start adding coupons and making money!