Groupon is an online deal marketplace available in 48 countries globally. You would like to launch something similar, but you feel a website like that is out of your reach. Building websites can be expensive if you are using a team of developers.

The tools available now make it easy to create a website in days on an affordable budget. I will explain the steps that will enable you to launch a site that rivals Groupon.

Creating your site

Groupon has an easy-to-use design that you’ll be able to replicate using WordPress.

Your site will be entirely customizable, and the marketplace you will create involves no coding. Fonts, colors, layouts, and more can be adjusted as you want. Or you can keep it simple with a pre-made installation.

And you can always change your design and introduce add-ons as you see fit while your site grows. Either way, you are in control.

A quick sneak peek

Just give you a sense of what you’ll be making, here’s a look at the gorgeous group deals website you’ll create today

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Your site will be able to offer coupons for goods and services that will have people coming back for more.

Now let’s cover what you’ll need to do to make this site

Here’s how you can make a site like Groupon

Five simple steps are all it takes:

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. Get hosting for your site
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a WordPress theme
  5. Launch your site

This essential guide will prepare a ready-to-launch website. Let’s look at each step in detail.

1. You’ll Need a Good Domain

The very first step is purchasing a domain name. A domain name is the web address, or URL that people use to locate your site.

Choosing a simple name that relates to your company allows visitors to find your website with ease. The domain name also plays a part in marketing and branding. If the option you want isn’t available, pick something similar, or a name that represents your business in another way.

2. Signup for hosting

All websites need hosting in order to load when the domain is visited. This requires space on a server.

No one purchases and maintains their own servers the way you would be yourself a computer. Instead, you rent space on a server from a hosting company. Even most of the world’s largest digital businesses pay others for server space.


Web Hosting: The Really Basics -

I signed up with Bluehost to create my first WordPress site 8 years ago and they’ve only gotten better. One benefit of choosing Bluehost over other hosts is that you’ll get your domain name for free if you register it with them during your account creation.


3. Create a Website with WordPress

When creating a new website, you can either hire developers – and spend lots of time and money, or use already existing software. As they say, don’t reinvent the wheel.

WordPress is a quick and straightforward way to build a website. And if you are using Bluehost, the auto-installer makes it even easier. While many hosts have an installer to help you add WordPress to your site, Bluehost automatically creates a WP site for you the moment you signup.

Why use WordPress?

As a WordPress theme developer, I’m obviously biased to recommend WordPress, but it’s truly the best solution for you to create a site like Groupon. Here’s why:

  • Reliability – WordPress powers more than 25% of the internet and has billions of dollars worth of development invested in it. Bugs with WP are extremely rare these days.
  • Free – WordPress has always been free and always will remain free.
  • Developer community – there are so many developers earning a living from making WP products that you can find a professionally designed solution for any kind of site you’d ever want to build.
  • Blogger community – tons of bloggers write about WordPress and share tips for using it. You can always find helpful tutorials online regardless of the subject.
  • No coding required – I mentioned it before, but the fact that no coding knowledge is required is helpful. With the products recommended here, you can use simple interfaces and drag-and-drop menus to make your site.

4. Find the right theme

Themes are the pre-coded designs that completely change the look of your site. While plugins are typically used to add functionality, the themes recommended here also add a lot of features of their own.


CouponXL - Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme by pebas | ThemeForest

CouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons WordPress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals.

It is fully responsive, SEO optimised, followed latest web technologies based on Bootstrap framework, clean code and light speed fast. CouponXL using premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals valued 13$, it is included with this package

Other themes to consider

I would always recommend Kupon because it is going to give you everything you need for a site similar to Groupon and has a gorgeous design. That said, it isn’t the only theme for marketing sites. Some decent alternative options for your website theme are available.


KUPON is a WordPress Coupon Theme and it best suitable for daily deals marketplace or coupons website. Theme use highest quality and time proven industry solutions – so it is better to use it in professional projects where software price not on the first place – where main is quality, flexibility, stability, extensibility and long life.


Froday also offers a one-click installer for quick site creation. It’s also highly customizable and comes with a plugin for drag-and-drop page building.


The documentation is clear and easy to follow for any questions you may have. And a professional support team is available to assist further if needed.


Launch your own group deals site

Let’s review.

To make a site like Groupon, you need to first find an available domain name.

Regardless of the host you choose, there should be a tool to help install WordPress on your site. Then it’s time to activate Kupon or one of the other recommended themes to transform your plain website into a full-featured deals platform.

You are now at the final step. You have the tools you need to create a functional website just like Groupon; it’s time to make it happen.

With a solid marketing plan and the motivation to get members on board, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful online business.