Have you ever wanted to create a classified website ? Something similar to OLX or Quikr ?
And It maybe appeared to be a big project that requires lot of developers to work on, which means ot of money to invest on.

Well, If you thought so, You are right , but couple of years ago, because nowadays,It’s not the case any more.Using the most popular Content management System, WordPress, it’s as easy as few clicks.

Most people seem to assume that WordPress is only good for running a blog, but it can be used for so much more than that. All you need is the right set of customizations, plugins, and themes to get the job done.
In Overall, Creating a classified website is an easy way to get traffic, visitors, and that means more ways to generate income and benifits.
There are many options to run your own classified websites, either by using wordpress classified themes , or plugins. and one of the best wordpress themes for classified ads websites is Classipress (by appthemes). Which has been there since 2010, and couple of wordpress Ninjas are taking care of enhancing it within a major update each few months. So anything you imagine for such theme is already thought about years ago.People there do care about their themes.

Well, nuf said.

Tell me, How much ?!

If we don’t count the cost of a domain name and the hosting charges you need to purchase for your website, a classified website would cost you around $69 if you purchase Classipress Theme for WordPress, Or, You can hire a developer, And you pay from $500 to $2000.
So let’s stick with the classified WordPress theme, It’s cheaper, and yet professional and comes with tons of functions and appearance options.

Download classipress theme

Is it complicated to install it ?

In general, installing a classified theme takes no longer than 20 minutes, half an hour top. This is like in no time. If you hand over the project to some freelancer developer, he may take up to 30 days. maybe more.
here are the few steps to do it :
Steps for startups… 1. Book a domain name (if you don’t have already).

Classipress features :

ClassiPress theme is designed to be used with a premium buy-sell website, meaning that you can charge people for posting their ads. These prices can be the same across the site or you can set different prices for the different categories.
For other monetization options, You can charge them to highlight their ads on the featured ads slider or place advertising banners throughout the entire website ( on the header, footer, or widgets).

Appearance options :

Just after you install and activate the theme, You can see through the admin panel that You can easily set the options, there are really many of them, so simply read the tooltips and the description of each option. To understand what each one does…No need to worry, most of them come out of the box and are saved just after you activate the theme.. but others, need your attention, like the pricing models and packages.

How to monetize it.. This is the point :

Classipress comes with an extensive payment buit-module, in order to charge users through a win-win process. A complete full-options solution was implemented for this purpose,Hence, You don’t need to worry about anything but promoting your website and refreshing your email inbox looking for any « You have received a payment ».

Here are the options available, so far.

  • Charging users to post ads : you can apply a discounted fee for each ad’s posting. And then You take care of bringing new users to enrich your website content.
  • A higher price for highlighing ads : This is a smart one, people like to be treated better, to be special and not like everyone else. And here you play on this side.
  • Mixed priging packages : Classipress’ best part in the backend, is the flexible pricing plans, where You can set different prices for different categories and fields.
  • Adsense ?,why not ! : You can easily place your adsnese banners on different areas of your classified ads wesbite.either the header or the footer area, or simply on the right sidebar and the blog pages.The point here : Never stuff your website with many banners, You’ll frugally lose clicks, Gridilly.Thus, keep it up steady and reasonable.
In conclusion,The ability to make oney with a premium classified theme like classipress is very vast ( as if the word (‘vast’) wasnt enough). And many people find success with this kind of websites. And in the end, no need to worry about the hard coding part, just focus on the marketing side.

Premium plugins :

If you need even more options, you maybe have to look at the marketplace of appthemes, You find over there lot of essential and necesary plugins to either manipulate your website or to add more power to it.or both !

Browse them here

Classipress child themes :

In case the interface of classipress doesn’t fit your piccasso piece of intuition, You can pick one of the premium child themes of classipress .they are all different, some are simple with few colors edits, but others are hardly coded and beyond the child limits.You won’t know it’s been built under classipress if none tells you .and by fact, this is a very good reason to use one of them. Because besides the appearance customizations, Your website would be bellow the radar of your competitors, so they won’t copy your plan and duplicate your website.

take a look at them here , maybe on of them would please you.

All in all, This is what classipress framework was created for, an easy yet powerful tool to start a good opulent successful journey into the classified ads websites.

– If you have found something interesting above or want to ask anything related to above content then please let me know by leaving your valuable comments below.

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How to Create a Classified Website with WordPress

Classified ads are still very popular today. Newspapers are slowly being replaced by online news sources. People prefer to read classified ads on websites instead of on newspapers.

This plugin is free and easy to use. Anyone can create a classifieds site using this plugin. You can get started by installing the plugin and creating an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be ready to start adding listings. You can add listings by uploading images, writing descriptions, and choosing categories. After you’ve added listings, you’ll be able to edit them and manage them as needed.

Darrel Wilson made a detailed tutorial video on how to create a classified website using Classima theme. The first thing you need to do is choose a domain name. You should make sure that this name is a concise description of your business. It would also help if you made it as short and easy to remember.

You can choose the extension you want the classified ads to end in. You may choose any extension you wish. However, you must choose a country specific extension if you want to limit your classifieds site to a particular country.

After registering a domain name, you need to pick a web host. This is an important decision because you’ll be using this web host to host your website. So you want to pick a web host that offers many hosting plans, excellent uptime, and 24/7 customer support. Some of the best options include Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostinger, and DreamHost.

You can choose a hosting plan that includes a pre-installed WordPress installation. This allows you to quickly set up your website without having to install WordPress yourself. Most hosting plans also include automated backups that allow you to easily recover lost or corrupted files.

Step Choose WordPress as the Content Management System for Building your Website

WordPress is an easy to use CMS (content management system). You can install it in less than 5 minutes. It has many features including: ”

You can download it and install on your self-hosting account. It is user-friendly as it is easy to understand. It is incredibly customizable, and offers many themes and plug-ins, which come with millions of functionalities and design variations to your website.


Clean, modern design can be used for any kind of website. Fully responsive. Custom fields. Built using HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Unlimited colors. Visual composer integration. WooCommerce 3x integration. Separate mobile menu. Fully customizable header. Header/header login/register option. Header/header listing button option. Header/header toolbar social network option. Header/header tool bar contact info option.

This plugin allows you to customize your WordPress theme by adding or removing features. You can also add new widgets and menus to your site.

This theme is very flexible and customizable. You can easily change every element in this template without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is to drag and drop each component into your page.

This theme is very flexible. You can create unlimited dynamic sidebar areas. You can use Google fonts. You can auto minify dynamic styles. You can use 7 navigation menus. You can customize clients post type. You can use testimonials custom post type. You can create employees custom post type. You have more than 10 categories styles. You can use extreme customization category styling and typography style.

This plugin allows you to create unlimited categories, locations, taxonomies, address structures, etc. You can also set up your own custom address structure. You can manage listings on archive pages as well as set default listing views. You can even add maps to any page or post.

About Widget. Custom Menu widget.Social widget.Recent post widget.Popular widget.Flickr widget.Video widget.Image widget.Author widget.Offer widget.Category widget.Locations widget.Search widget.Subscription widget.Map widget.Relevancy search compatible.Ajax search listing filter.Search by category.Search by location or address field.

This page shows you how to create a search form using Google Maps API v3. You can use this search form to display results based on location, radius, price, exact value, range slider, or custom content fields. You can also create a directory-based search form or pricing plan-based search form.

This plugin allows you to create search forms easily. You can customize styling for each search form. You can connect any shortcode with this search form. You can also add location field, category field, radius option, keyword suggestion etc.

Add custom fields to search forms. Add custom fields to advanced search section. Add typography options to search form. Add listing pending for review option on submission and edit. Add listing pending for approval option after claim approval. Add status option after claim approval. Bid system.

This project includes many features such as online status, offline status, image icons, font icons, badges, invoices, email notifications, pay per post, billing history, custom banners, rtl support, mail chimp integration, google maps styles, and more.

Redux Framework is an advanced theme framework for building responsive, mobile friendly themes. It comes with over 600 Google Fonts, CSS3 animations, HTML5 & CSS3 transitions, parallax effects, custom widgets, child theme support, translation ready and much more. You can use this theme for any purpose such as corporate website, portfolio, blog or personal site.

6 other social media login options include google plus, report abuse, listing sharing, print listing, download pdf, add to favorite, ratting and reviews, custom email author contact form, instant message feature to contact author, separate author page, map direction, twilio sms service integration, google map integration.

A form builder for creating forms, registration forms, contact forms, login forms, register forms, etc. The front end user panel allows users to customize the appearance of the site. Users can also create private listings and public listings. The admin option allows admins to control what features are available to users. The listing views status report shows how many times each listing was viewed. The note to admin option allows admins to restrict users from accessing the backend. The custom login page for the dashboard allows admins to change the login page.

This is an example of a custom login page for listing submission, turn on off listing tags, hide admin bar for the user, managing user from front-end, extremely customizable pricing plans, hide/show any options on the pricing plan, managing styling and typography for pricing plans, raise up/bump up listing option, upgrade listing option.

This is an app that allows you to create unlimited pricing plans. You can choose how many images you want in each price plan. You can also set up featured listings, sticky listings, and show your listing on map.

You can add as many videos as you want in your pricing plan. You can add as many locations as you want in your price plan. You can add categories as many times as you want in your plan. Woocommerce payment gateway integration for listings. Woocommerce subscription add-on integration. Woocommerce shop integration. Custom content fields. Selectbox content field type. Checkbox content field type. Radio content field type.

This content field type allows you to create a text string content field. You can also add an icon next to your text string. The website content field type allows you to create a website link. The digital value content field type allows you to add a number or currency symbol. The email content field type allows you put in an email address. The date-time content field type allows you to enter a time. The opening-closing hours content field type allows you to set up when a store opens and closes. You can upload files using this content field type. You can also add prices to items. You can choose whether to show or hide the label and icon.

This extension adds options to display content fields in map info windows, search forms, category listings, location listings, and single listing pages.

Create unlimited content fields groups. Hide groups for anonymous users. Two group styles. Order groups by drag and drop. order content fields by drag and drop. show listings based on directories. show listings based on category. show listings based on location. show listings based on pricing plans. show listings based on custom fields.

This plugin adds 16 grid view styles, 3 list view styles, select separate listing style for each listing shortcode, show multiple listing shortcodes at same page, select listing default style grid view or list view, select listing default sorting style, option to show/hide sorting, option to show/load more button, and option to show/hide pagination.

Masonry layout option. 2 column responsive grid option. Option to show all listings on one page. Option to show only sticky and featured listings. Option to load listing after page load. Option to set number of listing per page. Option to load more listings on scroll. Option to order by date, title or any content field.

This plugin allows you to create your own custom listing page styles. You can easily change the background color, font colors, text alignment, etc. You can also add any number of content fields to each listing. And finally, you can customize the grid view styling by adding up to 6 columns to the grid view.

Related listings on single listing page complete slider manager for single listing page show map in tabs on single listing page show map out of tabs on single listing page shows videos in tabs on single listing pageshows videos out of tabs on single listinpage shows reviews in tabs on single listing pagerun time”

This is an example of a great WordPress theme. It has many features including a custom post type called’reviews’. You can also add any custom field to your reviews. There is even a shortcode that allows you to show reviews out of tabs on single listing page. This is a really well-coded theme. Please note that we do not provide support regarding illegal and/or adult websites.


Frontend file upload field not work, Author page design issues, Author page links adjustment in listing Grid / List, Search keyword example showing digits at end, Profile update button should be disabled when Ajax request, Fantro Header Check for 1024px – 1171px, Remeoved possibility to delete core fields, TOS option was not hidden while turned off from backend, Loomarme was not working in case rater disabled from backend, Backend listing error in casr of Payment Manager pklngn not activated, Category page screen option was nnot working at backend, Locations page screen option was not working at backend, Tags page screen option was nt working at backend, Add/Edit listing page scren option was not working at bakcend, Language null error with map box if browser language is other then English, Multi directory page permalinks issues with more then 1 directories, Submit listing form responsive issues, Home search redirect map issue, Tags page layout issue, Example keywords string showing array glu at the end, Resolved.


This project was restructured from the ground up. We’ve made sure that everything works properly and looks great. We also improved workflow by making it more organized. We’ve also fixed some bugs and added new features. Finally, we’ve improved the overall appearance of the site