Job portals and job boards are fast becoming popular tools used by recruiters, HR departments and human resource professionals to post jobs and browse through available job applicants. The WordPress Theme for Job Board helps to easily set up this type of job board. You can even find several themes for sale on the official WordPress site. In fact, there are several free WordPress themes that you can use to customize your job portal or blog.

JobScout Pro is an excellent full-featured premium responsive WordPress theme specifically designed for job listing and recruitment websites. This premium full-featured theme comes with several useful features such as custom blog fields for inputting job seekers’ information and CV highlighting. JobScout Pro is easy to install and use. It includes numerous shortcodes for advanced SEO functionality. It also has several useful plugins that can be easily activated and disabled without affecting your other themes.

WordPress JSBrowse is another outstanding wordpress theme for job board that allows users to search a large database of vacancies, job openings, job boards, job portals, career resources, etc. from a single location. One great advantage of using this theme is that you can also display a graphic panel on the side pane of the screen. It is ideal for those who want to have a complete graphical user experience.

The most complete Premium Job Board WordPress Plugin with more than 150 premium job listing features. This plugin allows you to customize your job listing page, create and edit job descriptions, specify minimum and maximum salary, specify preferred dates and times for job postings, search for companies matching the job description, and add, edit and delete job profiles. This Premium Job Board WordPress Plugin is fully SEO-friendly. It is built using pre-installed WordPress keywords and SEO best practices so that your website is listed with the most relevant search engines. You can also conveniently manage multiple listings for one job by using the premium job board WordPress Plugin.

Hostgator WordPress Theme for a job listing website is an ideal choice for online marketers who are looking to build a professional online business. Nokri’s WordPress theme details demo get hosting absolutely free! You will also get unlimited blog features and unlimited styling options with Nokri’s Theme Engine. This theme also works well with WordPress and Joomla.

If you are looking for a new and innovative online marketing solution to your job career, then the taskerr is perfect for you. Taskerr is an award winning job management platform that allows you to manage multiple work listings from one centralized place. You can also get jobcareer WordPress Theme for your blog so that you can communicate with your team of work professionals easily.