JobScout Pro is a premium full-scale responsive WordPress theme specifically designed for recruitment agencies and HR (human resource) firms to showcase their positions and job openings. This highly versatile and fully customizable full-featured theme is user-friendly and fully searchable, with its intuitive dashboard. JobScout Pro’s advanced custom widgets, rich graphic options, quick page loading, SEO friendly, Widget optimized images and more make this theme one of the most popular and versatile online job searching themes. JobScout Pro has an extensive collection of over 500 different icons, which makes it easy to find your favorite position or job opening.

JobScout theme is designed with highly advanced Search Engine Optimization in mind. It includes an extensive set of custom CSS codes that are great for optimizing images, videos, header, footer, colors, meta tags and keywords. JobScout Pro also comes with a powerful Shortcode Generator that generates short code sequences according to the keyword phrase entered. For example, you can easily insert a keyword like “arts degree” into the code for creating a shortcode for a position as art majors. The search engines will quickly pick up the relevant keyword from the given tag and match it with the appropriate category.

Moreover, you can also use this premium board theme as a part of your overall online marketing strategy. You can incorporate a unique URL for your business’s main profile page and include a custom landing page for displaying your latest available jobs. Visitors to this page will be able to view your latest resume, respond to an online form, browse through job descriptions, apply for a position or inquire about specific job opportunities. All of these actions are seamless while using WordPress. Job Scouts themes is a great addition to your online marketing campaign.

Furthermore, this highly customizable WordPress plugin is also highly customizable via the WordPress Easy Press Plug-in. With this plug-in, you can easily configure and manage your WordPress portal theme careers page with ease. One of the best features of this plug-in is its gallery-style image selection feature wherein you can choose from a wide array of images and automatically place them on your page. Furthermore, the gallery-style-image option is fully customizable including dimensions, colors and image thumbnails. You can use one of the many graphic design tools available in the WordPress Easy Press gallery to customize and arrange images according to your specific needs.

JobScouts premium membership comes with a number of premium themes which perfectly fits the needs of a job board. These premium themes are designed by award-winning designers and developers who focus on providing the best design possible for WordPress users. Job Scouts theme offers a number of benefits to both employers and candidates alike. With its highly customizable layout, you can easily change the content, header and footer to fit your requirements anytime. It also offers search engine optimization with its optimized images and content.

Furthermore, it provides unlimited color options, short codes and a fully customizable menu. Its short codes allow you to add text, image or code on any website through its short code generator. Its powerful menu system allows you to quickly and easily build your workspace with its widget system. All these amazing features make Job Scouts WordPress Theme the best choice for your online marketing campaigns