This classified WordPress theme is ideal for all those who run classifieds sites for their respective online business. These classified sites are very much in demand and these days one can have thousands of visitors viewing the classifieds site and hence it is essential that the online classified ad website has a compelling classified layout and a user-friendly interface to make it stand amongst other online classified ad sites. These classified WordPress themes provide an appealing and user-friendly interface for any user, no matter what kind of online classifieds he or she may be interested in.

This classified ads site is powered by the Classified Ads plug-in which is included in your WordPress install. This best responsive classified WordPress theme is ideally ideal for all those who run classified ads website today with most popular, search engine friendly, content rich and easy to use classified ads theme package for WordPress. Through this you can have unlimited categories, flexible layouts, custom logo design, and an informative and fully featured navigation menu. In addition to all these features, as a premium member of the WordPress themes community, you also get access to premium page builder, premium newsletter sign-up box, premium subscription form, premium search engine optimization advice, premium theme updates, unlimited blog colors, unlimited blog theme options and so much more. Through this you will have absolute freedom over your classified ads website.

A few important things that you need to know about this premium theme: The theme is built on the most powerful content management system (CMS) – WordPress. WordPress is an easy to use and highly functional content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily update your website and add new pages/content. There are also many useful features like built-in shopping carts and SEO optimization which ensure that your website rank well in the search engines. In this way you get maximum traffic, targeted visitors and valuable business. Through WordPress you can create, design, and develop your classified ads website on your own and update it any time you want.

With WordPress C classified ads you can test out different layouts, add/remove modules, change color scheme, and theme color. You can even create/deactivate modules, change template title, and even customize header. WordPress has many high quality demos available for you to view, test and play around with.

In addition to that you can access various free WordPress demos that allow you to explore the entire functionality of this great software. These demos not only let you explore the functions of WordPress but you can also get a feel of how user-friendly this system is. Many of these demos allow you to browse through various categories, search listings, upload images and videos, share content, manage mailing lists, create/manage pages, set custom headers, enter/exit categories, enter/exit search fields, and edit/quit multiple blogs from one page. You can really see how useful WordPress truly is. There are numerous other features as well.

WordPress C classified ads theme is very user-friendly and comes with a large number of great features. This overall user experience makes WordPress C classified theme an easy choice for anyone looking to improve their online business. If you are looking to buy classifieds software then definitely consider C Classifieds Pro. WordPress Classiera is also a top seller and is highly configurable and fully searchable. Take the time to explore the best free WordPress demos available today.