WooCommerce themes are available primarily through third-party developers with WordPress experience, although some WooCommerce-friendly themes are also available from the official WordPress Theme Directory. If you’re thinking of switching out your current theme with a WooCommerce focused premium theme, it’s important to keep not only your own goals in mind but also the experience potential customers will have on your eCommerce website.

woocommerce theme

The best WooCommerce theme for your WordPress site is the one that looks good, reflects your brand, and offers your visitors the best shopping experience possible. To achieve those goals, look for a theme that includes:

  • A clean, uncluttered design

Your theme should be customizable to reflect the look of your brand, but also make it easy for visitors to find what they need and contact you for questions and issues. A quality WooCommerce theme should showcase your products with minimal distractions.

  • Mobile responsive

A majority of online shopping is done from mobile devices, which is exactly why you need a mobile responsive website. A quality WooCommerce theme should be responsive and display on devices of all sizes.

  • Compatibility with other plugins

The functions of WooCommerce can be extended in a variety of ways with WooCommerce extensions – additional pieces of code that give your eCommerce website a variety of highly specific functions. Your WordPress site may need other plugins too, and a good WooCommerce theme should support the other plugins that add the functions you need.

  • Social media integration

A number of free and premium plugins can add social media functionality in a variety of forms to your WordPress site, but quality WooCommerce themes and compatible plugins should offer features that integrate your site and product displays into your preferred social media sites.

  • Easy navigation and search functions

The best WooCommerce themes also include user-friendly navigation to provide your customers with the best experience in your eCommerce store. This can include options for menu placement, easy to find search bars, and other navigation aids.

Quality WordPress themes are available from a variety of online asset marketplaces and third-party developers. Some WooCommerce themes are free, but premium themes provide full support and all available features at a variety of prices ranging from less than $50 to hundreds of dollars. Here’s a look at five of the best for storefronts of all kinds.