What is WP Job Manager? WP Job Manager is a lightweight shortcode based, flexible job listing plugin with many other related job board functions. WP Job Manager theme is so simple to install and fits perfectly with any existing themes. As the plugin already comes with some standard shortcodes which help to showcase various jobs in different formats.

In fact this very simple and easy to use WordPress job posting plugin is the perfect solution for someone who is new to the world of online business. Being a completely free online solution, wp job manager theme can be easily used and installed by any webmaster. The functionality of the application is great.

Let us have a look at the basic features of this amazingly simple WordPress job theme. When you open the front page of your website, you will see various categories listed on the left pane and the search option to find job opportunities. Depending on the kind of category a job opportunity is listed in, you can browse the available job titles, descriptions and images. If there is an open job, you can click on the “apply” link to submit your details. Depending on the kind of category, your application may appear in a different format to other applications listed. You can customize the appearance and behavior of your application by applying specific theme themes to your database.

This WordPress job search theme is free to download and use. It has several unique features which make it stand out among other similar WordPress themes. The most prominent feature of this awesome theme is the “search by category” search option. You can simply type in your desired job title or description to get access to a complete list of job opportunities.

WordPress Job Seeker is the most comprehensive and feature-rich job search WordPress theme. It includes multiple search options for job openings, positions and employers. It has fully responsive portal design, which enables the users to browse the different job listings from one page. You can also search for jobs using specific keywords and the built-in search options have filters, which give you more detailed information.

Another powerful job search option of this amazing theme is the “exchange links”. With this advanced feature, you can connect with companies and individuals that provide similar products, services and business opportunities. You can add the relevant links to your website and instantly update your site with the latest news and updates. This WordPress job manager also features an advanced network administration panel. You can create, edit and configure database fields and MySQL tables. Moreover, the panel provides several useful widgets, which make it easier for you to customize your site.

The WordPress Job Mate theme is also considered as the best freebie for your eCommerce venture. With the help of this amazing freebie, you can build, design and develop professional looking online stores easily. In addition to that, this free demo version of WordPress Job Manager also comes along with various other exciting features such as advanced search options, full screen mode, unlimited options, drag and drop functionality, infinite options, pop up windows and much more. To take advantage of these wonderful features of this amazing WordPress plugin, you can simply download and try the free demo version first before you decide to purchase the full version.

You can also take a brief tour of all the available functionalities of this awesome WordPress theme. To do so, login to its main page and then you will get access to the functions panel, which offers an overview of all its features and functions. In addition, you will also get to see details about all the latest additions made in version 6, which makes this theme even more appealing and functional. To know more about a job manager theme, you can simply visit its official website at the link given below.