That won’t be an exaggeration to say that Monstroid2 is the most popular multipurpose WordPress theme on TemplateMonster marketplace. Lightweight, professionally designed, up-to-date – there are sufficient reasons why users give it a high rank. But let’s go through the main features of Monstroid2.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

That won’t be an exaggeration to say that Monstroid2 is the most popular multipurpose WordPress theme on TemplateMonster marketplace. Lightweight, professionally designed, up-to-date – there are sufficient reasons why users give it a high rank. But let’s go through the main features of Monstroid2.

That won’t be an exaggeration to say that Monstroid2 is the most popular multipurpose WordPress theme on TemplateMonster marketplace. Lightweight, professionally designed, up-to-date – there are sufficient reasons why users give it a high rank. But let’s go through the main features of Monstroid2.


Main advantages of Monstroid2

All WordPress themes created by ZEMEZ utilize similar technologies. Monstroid2 was built by ZEMEZ and generally, it has all the same benefits as all WordPress themes created by this team. However, it is much more profitable than the other templates because it is a multipurpose theme. Let’s have a look at a set of features that make Monstroid2 unique.


  • It has convenient customization options.
  • It was created to be fully compatible with the Elementor Page Builder.
  • The Monstroid2 template package includes awesome Jet plugins.
  • All the plugins and the theme itself are constantly updated.
  • The template has default skin with numerous ready-made pages.
  • Besides that, you will enjoy 50 blog layouts and 10 single post layouts.
  • Monstroid2 is highly versatile – there are 48 skins for any business niche and the ones are added every week.
  • You can install every element with just a single click via special Installation Wizard.
  • Monstroid2 users get the best on the market 24/7 tech support.


And now let’s look a little closer at each of those advantages.


Convenient customization. WordPress itself is a simple and quite convenient tool. It allows even beginners to build outstanding websites without much effort and learning. And Monstroid2 makes it even easier and more convenient. The way it is built allows you to customize every single detail of your site’s appearance.


Elementor compatibility. If you haven’t tried Elementor before – you should. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder that makes website building as easy as a piece of cake. While customizing Monstroid2 with Elementor you will have absolutely no compatibility glitches.


Jet plugins. Among all extensions created for Elementor, Jet plugins are the best ones. Those are premium plugins that sufficiently expand Elementor capabilities and give you numerous additional creation options. The set included to the theme package could not only replace all the advantages of Pro Elementor version but even give more capabilities than the premium plan. And you will get those great plugins for free with Monstroid2.


Constant updates. The team that created Monstroid2 didn’t leave it behind. To keep it up to date and expand the number of options available for the user, it is constantly updated. You won’t have to do any additional actions – the updates will be sent to you almost every week.


Default skin and ready-made pages. When you finish the installation of Monstroid2 you get almost completed website. It has not only the most used pages pre-made. Monstroid2 includes a set of ready-made pages for any purpose. This multipurpose WordPress theme saves you time and efforts.


50 blog layouts and 10 single post layouts. Originally, WordPress was a platform for blogging and despite it went far away from that now, the tools for blog creating are still the best in it. Monstroid2 could be used for any type of website, including an online store, but it offers a huge amount of opportunities to create amazing blogs.


48 skins. Skin is a set of design elements that could be used with the template to create a unique look that will match for some specific niche. For example, there could be skins for sports news digest or a cosmetics shop. Every skin is like an additional template. Thus Monstroid2 has 48 skins included, so when you download Monstroid2 you’ll receive 49 templates in one.


Easy one-click installation. Monstroid2 multipurpose WordPress theme goes with a specialized Wizard – a software that helps you to install the elements of the theme. You don’t need to search the ways to install a skin or download the demo content. The Wizard will offer you a convenient interface and using it you will be able to install any Monstroid2 elements in just a single click.


24/7 tech support. TemplateMonster has the best tech support on the market. You can not only send an email or leave a ticket in a specialized system but also have a text chat with the support specialist. Tech support is available 24/7 every day without holidays or days-off. All the tech support team members are professionals and will gladly help you with any issues connected with Monstroid2 usage.


Why is it ideal for beginners?

  1. Simplicity. It is a keyword here. Monstroid2 was created to demand the smallest possible amount of efforts from the user. To install the theme or skins you only have to click one button. Elementor Page Builder is there for design customization. There are lots of pre-made items. The user doesn’t have to waste time seeking tutorials – the interface is so intuitively understandable that even a child could handle it.
  2. Versatility. Beginners are usually not completely sure about what they are going to do. In case you don’t have a structured plan – Monstroid2 is like several templates in one, so you will be able to change the design if necessary. You are not strictly tied to one design – you can change them, evaluate, and then try some others.
  3. Help. Thanks to the devoted tech support team and wide community, you will get help just when you need it. Even if it night-time or a national holiday – tech support specialist will hurry to rescue you.


Why is it ideal for professionals?

  1. It’s a lightweight theme. The whole Monstroid2 package weighs only 250 kb. Its downloading speed is very high, which means that if you won’t use large files, pictures and videos – your visitors won’t have to wait long for the page to load.
  2. Monstroid2 offers lots of tools. Elementor Page Builder and Jet plugins included to the template expand the number of available options for you. Of course, default Elementor widgets could be enough to create a nice site but the more opportunities you have – the more interesting and attractive will your website be.
  3. It is a high-quality product. This theme was not only created by professional web developers but also is constantly updated. Its has clean code and detailed documentation, so if you would like to do some customization on a deeper level you won’t have problems getting along with it.


Latest updates

As it was said previously, Monstroid2 is constantly updated. Developers team fix all bugs and work hard to keep it up to date. Besides that, they also add some newly designed skins and ready-made pages, expanding the capabilities available for users. A new update comes every month, so using Monstroid2 you could be sure that it is the best possible solution.


In the latest update that was made in August 2019, some minor bugs were fixed. Additionally, developers added a couple of new skins and updated all premium Jet plugins that are included in the template package. The update didn’t affect your website efficiency, even if you already created a website, an update won’t do any harm to it.


Changes applied on 29 August:

  • theme minor bug fixes;
  • import options added;
  • export options added;
  • WooCommerce compatibility fixed;
  • Elementor Page Builder compatibility fixed;
  • skins demo content bugs fixed.


Monstroid2 dashboard overview

To make the theme maintenance even more simple Monstroid2 has an additional dashboard. It becomes available after activating the Jet ThemeCore plugin and could be found in the bottom of the WordPress dashboard. Let’s take a look at what options could you find there.

  • License. That’s obvious – you can activate or deactivate your license here.
  • Plugins. This tab helps you to install and monitor the updates of Jet plugins included in the package. You can also check for the newly presented Jet’s clicking the “Check for new plugins” button.
  • Theme. The most useful option here is an automatic backup – when enabled it does a backup of your website before every update. Besides that, you can check out theme’s updates and install a child theme in this tab.
  • Skins. You will see that list after installing the Monstroid2 Wizard. You can choose any skin from the list and apply it to the website.
  • Settings. Some of the Jet plugins duplicate the options available for Elementor Pro users. In this tab, you can define hoe the Pro and Jet plugins will cooperate.
  • User Guide. If you need some help – you can go directly to this tab. Documentation, Facebook community link, video tutorials – all that stuff is available from here.



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